“Home is where one starts from.”
TS Eliot


Terrace at Oak Springs is Integral Care’s newest permanent supportive housing community. 50 individuals who are experiencing homelessness will have a safe place to call home, helping them on the road to recovery.


Many of the future residents have been living on the streets with nothing but what fits in a backpack.  You can provide household essential items exclusively for Terrace at Oak Springs – kitchen tools, bathroom supplies, linens and more — to help make the apartments feel like homes.


We have partnered with COCObundle, a local social enterprise that has curated the registry of household goods. Once a bundle is purchased, COCObundle handles the rest—from stocking the products to creating welcome packages for each of the 50 residents to delivering the items to Terrace. When new residents arrive on move-in day, they already will have welcome packages in their unit.


To donate a bundle for a future resident, simply visit the Integral Care campaign on the COCObundle website and select your preferred bundle.


In lieu of a bundle, you can also make a donation to support the future residents of Terrace at Oak Springs.