Community engagement

Integral Care works with the community and our partners to share information and resources that help individuals reach their full potential and make our community stronger. By sharing up to date and factual information, we build support for people living with mental illness, substance use disorder and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through education we help secure more resources and remove barriers that prevent people from getting the support they need to recover. This is part of our responsibility as the Local Authority for Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Authority for Travis County.

integral care offers:

community outreach
Integral Care is in the community on a weekly basis providing information about mental illness, substance use disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities and the services we offer the community.

Community Forums
Integral Care hosts forums several times a year to raise awareness on issues impacting our community. Past topics have included: The Opioid Epidemic, Teens and Mental Health, and Criminal Justice and Mental Health. Join our newsletter for Community Forum announcements.

Outreach and Education Materials
Information on Integral Care Services and Programs that address: teen suicide prevention, crisis response services, mental health urgent care, child and family services, therapy for infants and toddlers, support for individuals living with or at risk for HIV, early psychosis intervention, and more.

Annual Conferences

Central Texas African American Family Support Conference
This conference is held every February and brings together families, consumers and professionals to increase access to care and decrease health disparities. The goal of the conference is to raise awareness of  behavioral and physical healthcare services while reducing stigma associated with mental illness.


South Texas Family Support Conference
This is a bilingual conference that strengthens family and individual awareness of available behavioral healthcare services through culturally sensitive education, supports and partnerships. This conference is hosted by different communities across southern Texas.


Hub Learning Community Conference
This free, two day conference supports professionals who work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Integral Care works with stakeholders across the community to strengthen local delivery systems and services through a variety of partnerships and ongoing collaborations. We are involved in a number of planning efforts including children’s mental health, substance use disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities, psychiatric crisis services, and criminal justice issues.

For more information about our work in this area, please contact

  • Mental Health First Aid Training for Community: Integral Care offers an 8-hour class that teaches people what to do when a person is having a mental health crisis or showing signs of mental illness. This class is available to anyone in the community.
  • Mental Health Training for First Responders: Integral Care partners with the Austin Police Department and other first responders to provide training on responding to individuals who are having mental health issues or using alcohol or drugs.
  • Suicide Prevention Training for Educators and Families: Integral Care provides suicide prevention services to many schools in Travis County, including education, risk assessments and counseling for youth and teens at risk for suicide.