We work with you to create a care plan that best fits your needs.

Integral Care supports adults and children who experience depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, substance abuse, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide person-centered care. This means we support you in a way that best fits your needs. In other words, we work closely with you to create a care plan that supports your chosen positive health outcomes.


  • We provide support anywhere someone needs help: in the clinic, at home, in schools, on the phone, on the street, in jails.
  • We provide mental and primary health care in one place to meet all of your needs.
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability or sex.
  • We take time to find out if you have a history with trauma. Then, we work with you to provide the care you need.
  • We provide suicide-safer health care, which is an important part of preventing and reducing suicide.
  • We help people with disabilities by using plain and simple words and writing. We also use qualified sign language interpreters and offer large print written information.
  • We help people who speak languages other than English with free language services. These services are both in person and on the phone. We use only qualified interpreters and provide written information in other languages.
  • We work with trusted community partners to help with services that enhance care plans.

Our innovative care helps people in our community build their health and well-being.