Client Thanks Integral Care’s Expanded Mobile Crisis Outreach Team for Saving His Life!

Hello! My name is Alexander. I just wanted to take a minute to extend my gratitude and share my experience with you regarding the Expanded Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (EMCOT) with Integral Care. Had it not been for these men and women, I might likely not be here creating this e-mail.


I was destitute. On the streets. Awaiting court for a DWI. Wanting to be better, be with family. Wanting help. But couldn’t figure out how…


I lay in the shade underneath a tree not far from a homicide that had just taken place sometime before I arrived at this corner in our neighborhood. A stranger passed by. Asked if I needed anything. I said please. She drove off only to return from around the corner with a bottle of water and some Austin police officers. They interviewed me to determine the best course of action. Eventually, a woman named Kelcee, from the EMCOT team showed up at the scene…


At that point, it was determined I’d be taken to the sobering center. Much obliged, I agreed. Officer Moonie with APD was my transport.


Upon arrival and admission, I was met by a gentleman named Mikey, also with the EMCOT team. Upon further investigation, yes, I want to go to rehab. He made a call and assured me he’d found me a bed.


The next day I arrived at Cenikor on Howard Lane. I was admitted into detox and began that next stage. Ten or so days later I was done with detox and I started to become a resident. Mikey came to see me again. And continued to do so weekly following up with me. I was adopted by you all. This was great, uplifting, and reassuring.


Then I was linked with a psych professional named Roxanne. She was able to help me to get on some helpful medications. Eventually, post-detox, residential, I made it to the supportive program. Wherein I could go off campus to outside meetings and work-related outings.


Since that time, I’ve moved into RCL recovery homes. I have followed up with the next level Integral Care on Rundberg to continue with this process. And have since been able to continue on my path.


All that is because of EMCOT, Integral Care, Cenikor, Officer Moonie, Kelcee, Mikey, and all the supporting staff. Thank you all, greatly. The impact is felt by myself and all those I encounter. Infinite thanks and praise.


~ Alexander