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April: Persevering During COVID-19


A Message From Our CEO

The crisis we are living through is one I never imagined. Like many, I am concerned about family and friends, people at home and across the nation losing their jobs and so much more – all while staying focused on the best way to support Integral Care staff so they can help the people who need us. Integral Care’s top priority is twofold – meeting our critical role in providing essential healthcare services in the community and protecting the health and safety of our staff, clients and the community.


During uncertain times, fears and worries can paralyze us. Instead of focusing on my worries, I am focusing on the courage, compassion, flexibility, and perseverance of our Integral Care team. They inspire me every day.  I know it isn’t easy for healthcare workers on the front lines. Our role as a governmental entity and provider of behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disability services makes us unique. The local public health authority defines our services as essential during this public health crisis. Integral Care is dedicated to providing this essential care. But more importantly, we show up because that is who we are – an agency that tackles what is in front us, working to improve the health and well-being of our community in good times and bad.


Managing the uncertainty we all feel can happen when we focus on what we can control (like washing our hands frequently) and letting go of what we can’t control (like how long the pandemic will last). Accepting our lack of control helps us get through the COVID-19 crisis. Some other things helping me get through are:


  • Learning about others who are helping across the globe. One example is a distillery helping fill the gap.
  • Finding joy in people coming together in new ways during social distancing. People all over the world are not allowing the virus to erode their sense of community – we must all stay connected.

Below are resources you may find helpful during this unprecedented time:

If you or someone you know is struggling and is experiencing a mental health crisis, our 24/7 Crisis Helpline is here for you at 512-472-HELP (4357). We’ll listen to you and support you without judgement. You can also Text TX to 741741 to connect to Crisis Text Line, an organization that provides free, 24/7 crisis support via text.


I am proud to say that Integral Care is adjusting our operations to meet the demands of COVID-19 and staying strong to support our community through this challenging time. You can learn more here. I am humbled by our incredible staff who has the perseverance and know-how to not only survive during a crisis, but to thrive and overcome.


David Evans
Chief Executive Officer


NAMI Central texas 

We are proud to partner with NAMI Central Texas – the local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. They work tirelessly to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness and support our community in numerous ways.

  • Peer-led classes and support groups to help family members and individuals living with mental illness.
  • Training for professionals, such as school personnel and faith leaders.
  • Effective programming and events to raise awareness and reduce stigma.

Currently NAMI Central Texas is continuing to provide support as best as possible while monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and accommodating public health recommendations. Please check out their Coronavirus page for updates and additional resources during this uncertain time.


NAMI Central Texas is adapting their events to maintain social distancing while supporting our community. This Thursday, April 2nd, they are hosting a special Mind Matters at Home – Helping Kids (And Yourself) Cope With Coronavirus from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. With schools closed and many people working remotely, parents and caregivers across the country are anxious about how to protect and nurture kids through the fear, change and uncertainty of the current health crisis while managing their own stress. Dr. Roshni Koli, Medical Director for Pediatric Mental Health at Dell Children’s Medical Center, will share tips on how to help kids (and ourselves) through this challenging time. Register here.


Integral Care is proud to partner with NAMI Central Texas in a variety of ways, to ensure that people have access to the support and resources they need to thrive.


Protecting Staff & Clients While Delivering Expert Care

Our services are part of the public health response to any crisis. Integral Care is continuing to provide services to our community. To protect the health and safety of our clients, staff and community, we are modifying service delivery to provide more services by telephone and telehealth. By reducing in-person appointments and providing care by telehealth and telephone, we reduce the potential spread of COVID-19 and help conserve the limited supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). 


Crisis Services Update:
Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES), which provides urgent mental health care

  • As of Tuesday, March 24th, PES is providing all visits by telephone and telehealth. Face-to-face visits are by appointment only as needed.
    • PES is not accepting walk-in visits at this time.
    • Please call 512-472-4357 for telephone and telehealth services. Press 1 for English, then 1 to speak to our staff.
    • Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am to 10pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, 10am to 8pm

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT), which provides mental health crisis care in the community 

  • As of Tuesday, March 24th, MCOT is providing all visits by telephone and telehealth. Face-to-face visits are by appointment only as needed.
    • Please call 512-472-4357 for telephone and telehealth services. Press 1 for English, then 1 to speak to our staff.
    • Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am to 10pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, 10am to 8pm

24/7 Crisis Helpline 

  • Continues to provide immediate support to people experiencing a mental health crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • For help, please call 512-472-4357. Press 1 for English, then 1 for crisis support.

Adult & Children’s Mental Health Services Update:

  • As of Wednesday, March 18th, most Integral Care services are now being provided by telephone or telehealth. Face-to-face visits are by appointment only as needed.
  • As of Wednesday, April 1, any scheduled face-to-face adult mental health and substance use disorder appointments will take place at our E. 2nd Clinic located at 1631 E. 2nd St, 78702.
  • Please call 512-472-4357 for telephone and telehealth services. Press 1 for English, then 4 to speak to our staff. Services can be provided in 15 languages.
  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm

IDD Services Update:

  • All service coordination is being provided by telephone or telehealth, unless a face to face visit is necessary and arranged by appointment.
  • All testing services will be provided face to face. Individuals should call 512-483-5800 before their scheduled visit. They will complete a brief health screening before testing.

For any face-to-face appointments, all clients (and staff) will be screened before entering an Integral Care healthcare location. As always, our services can be provided in many languages. When someone calls our Helpline at 512-472-4357,  there are prompts in 15 languages.


For the latest information about our operations, please visit our COVID-19 Updates webpage. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

What’s New at Integral Care

Even in the face of COVID-19, Integral Care is providing critical care to adults and children living with mental illness, substance use disorder and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Please help Integral Care Foundation support some of Integral Care’s unique needs by making a donation today.


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