Health Home Program

Welcome to Integral Care Health Home Program

a free service provided by Integral Care and United Healthcare Community Plan


Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. Chronic health conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, can negatively impact an individual’s mental health. And poor mental health can negatively impact an individual’s physical condition. The Health Home blends primary health care, mental health care and help for a drug or alcohol issue. It’s the most effective and convenient way to maintain your overall health, prolong your life and lower medical costs.

Services Include

Medical Care Coordination

Help getting the medical care you need from a primary care doctor and specialists like an eye doctor, dentist or kidney doctor.

Wellness Services

Nutrition and exercise counseling, alcohol and drug use prevention, and help quitting tobacco.


Alternative plans other than emergency room visits and hospitalization to help resolve crisis episodes.


Timely follow-up after inpatient hospitalization.

Health Coaching

One-on-one health coaching with your care coordinator.


Individual and family support services, such as counseling, help linking to social services, legal assistance, job training, childcare or transportation.

How do i sign-up?

Call (512) 804-3010
and tell them you want to enroll in the Health Home.

How does it work?

You’re assigned a Care Coordinator to help you take control of your health. That person helps

  • Establish a primary care provider or general family doctor
  • Schedule physical checkups, diabetes screenings, flu shots and more
  • Create and manage a care plan to help you reach your healthcare goals
  • Assist in obtaining or providing transportation to healthcare appointments
  • Quickly schedule appointments with specialty providers, including counselors and psychiatrists

Already a Health Home member?

Call (512) 804-3010
to schedule an appointment or speak with a health coach or nurse.

Tip Sheets

Healthy Eating

Control blood pressure, boost mental health and understand the nutrients your body needs.

English  /  Spanish


Healthy Living for Adults and Children

Learn how to get better sleep and understand the type of exercise adults and children need.

English  /  Spanish