Integral Care has been awarded $5 million ($2.5 million per year for a two-year period) to address the needs of individuals with SED, SMI, and SUD or COD and improve access to behavioral health services, Integral Care will: (1) implement a new, fully integrated telehealth solution to offer HIPAA-compliant virtual care; (2) increase intake capacity by hiring additional helpline customer care staff, as well as clinic and community-based intake staff; (3) expand outpatient and community-based service with additional clinical staff to increase level-of-care services, additional housing stability specialists to help clients secure and maintain safe, stable housing, and community health workers to focus on whole health and wellness; and (4) offer enhanced recovery support services with additional peer support specialists in our clinics, the community, and across the substance use services continuum.

Integral Care will continue to support the mental health of staff, including new CMHC staff, in active collaboration with the agency’s Human Resources and Learning and Development Teams, which offer staff a variety of health and wellness resources, including the employee assistance program, our Live Well series, and more.