At the March 2021 Del Valle ISD (DVISD) Board meeting, Integral Care was selected as the recipient of a $400,000 grant award to expand on-campus and community-based care for students to reduce rates of truancy. The K-12 Campus Truancy Prevention Program builds on a longstanding relationship with DVISD, where Integral Care has provided on-campus mental health services for students since 2013, offering comprehensive assessment and diagnostic services, evidence-based psychotherapy, and embedded case management for students referred to our therapists.


To develop and implement the K-12 Campus Truancy Prevention and Intervention Program, Integral Care will hire four Qualified Mental Health Professionals, one Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts, and two interns to provide direct services to DVISD students who need additional support to improve attendance. All seven program staff will serve as Case Managers and will receive training in Wraparound model, Motivational Interviewing, Skills Streaming, and Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood. To improve student rates of attendance, Integral Care will utilize the Wraparound Principles and Processes. This approach centers on successfully engaging the youth and family, coordinating with a team of invested individuals identified by the youth and family, identifying unmet needs (e.g., root causes of truancy), and working together to establish strategies to address unmet needs, including linkages to other services and/or meaningful incentives to address behaviors.