Integral Care received $275,046 from FEMA and SAMHSA to provide Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) supports and interventions beginning April 8, 2020. Integral Care is currently providing CCP supports and interventions to two primary populations: (1) the community at large in Travis County and (2) Travis County citizens who are staying as guests at a City-run isolation facility, housed at various hotels. Individuals who are staying at these facilities have been identified as “high risk” for contracting or spreading COVID-19.


Primary services include outreach, individual counseling, public education, individual education, trauma supports, referrals, and linkage.  The majority of these primary services are delivered via telephone and videoconferencing. Some services are delivered in-person as needed. Public education is provided via local media and social media outreach.


In addition, Integral Care is providing communications support for a statewide education campaign aimed to support the emotional health of Texans during the COVID-19 pandemic. The State of Texas launched a COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line (833-986-1919) to help people who are feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic, connecting them to a mental health professional who will help them with anxiety, depression, stress, grief and worry. The goal of the campaign is to help the community feel connected, offer hope during, and provide mental health support during this time of stress and uncertainty.