Richard E. Hopkins Behavioral Health Building


Travis County is growing rapidly and the need for accessible, community-based health services is more important than ever. Integral Care recently remodeled our building on Airport Boulevard, which is home to the new Richard E. Hopkins Behavioral Health Building. Relocating several existing programs to this location will improve access to quality mental health care and substance use services at a convenient location.

The building is located at 1165 Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78702.

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) is located at the Richard E. Hopkins Behavioral Health Building. PES is a walk-in, urgent care clinic that supports adults, children and families having a mental health crisis. There are separate waiting rooms for adults and families with children. This location will also offer one-on-one case management, wellness services, counseling programs, short term residential care, family education and referrals to other community resources.

This location will serve adults, children and families who live in Travis County.

Behavioral health care is just as important as physical health care. When mental health conditions or substance use are treated early, people are able to receive the care they need, reach their full potential and contribute to our community. Just like any physical health condition such as diabetes, early treatment for a mental health condition can improve overall health and impact recovery.

Good mental health is a building block for well-being. Like a storm that knocks a house from its foundation, a mental health crisis can knock someone off their feet. Immediate access to support in a mental health crisis helps people recover and rebuild their health and well-being.

Please contact Communications at or call 512-440-4098.