14 El Arroyo Signs About Our Mental Health

14 El Arroyo Signs About Our Mental Health

El Arroyo has served up Tex-Mex in Austin, Texas for over 25 years. More famous than their food are their humorous daily marquee messages. And they’re not afraid to talk about mental health.

its time to switch my regular anxiety out for my festive holiday anxiety
life is better when you're laughing
on the surgae cool as a cucumber on the inside squirrel in traffic
dont let yesterday take up too much of today
this too shall pass - it might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass
queso is the glue that holds my life together
lettuce romaine calm
make sure you're happy in real life, not just on instagram
we cant control whats going on be we can keep choosing kindness
me with tears in my eyes: time to make a joke
its okay if you fall apart sometimes tacos fall apart and we still love them
drink water and get sun, you're bascially a houseplant with more complex empotions
i'd like to announce that i have no idea what i'm doing
Human kind be both

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