Careers Form

Administration and Support

Provide vital organizational support to ensure smooth delivery of services to our clients and community. Areas include Adults Services, Child & Family Services, Crisis Services, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services, Substance Use Services, Communications, Resource Development, Accounting, Human Resources, Technology, Operations and more.

Adult Services

Work with adult clients living with mental illness and substance use disorder. Service roles include counseling and case management, medical services, housing and homelessness services, HIV services, drug and alcohol treatment, tobacco cessation, wellness services, job support and training and more.

Child & Family Services

Work with children and families to build their health and well-being. Service roles include counseling and case management, family and education support, suicide prevention, medical services, housing, support for children on probation and more.

Crisis Services

Work with clients in crisis situations. Crisis service roles include our 24/7 Crisis Helpline, counseling and case management, mental health urgent care, mental health crisis care, suicide prevention and more.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

Work with clients who have IDD. Service roles include program management, service coordination, medical services, employment services, respite support, community living support and more.

Senior Leadership Opportunities

Work closely with the CEO to help guide Integral Care’s direction through senior-level administration and strategic managerial work.

Substance Use Services

Work with clients seeking to recover from drug and alcohol use. Roles include case management, assessment and treatment.