13 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Mood

Many of us spend time on social media, scrolling past images that can make us feel down about ourselves, putting us at risk for depression or other mental health issues. Why not fill your feed with accounts that boost your mood and soothe your soul? The opinions and advice shared are those of the authors.

Journalist-run GOOD NEWS ONLY page.
make daisy chains instagram
Artist/illustrator who identifies as queer (she/her). Self-affirming illustrations for people who struggle with self-harm and expert in “boring self-care.” All illustrations celebrate diversity and inclusion.
Ellie G instagram
Gucci model. “Passionate about modeling, following my dreams.” Ellie also happens to have Down syndrome and incredible personal style.
Serenity Today Instagram
Bringing peace to the mental health of Black men. Positive news and inspiration out of Atlanta, GA.
harlowandsage instagram
These photogenic lil’ buddies remind us that goofing off, bonding time, and naps are what’s important in life.
humans of NY instagram
New York City, one story at a time.
gilly moya instagram
Yes, Gilly is the answer. Mexican pop, rap, reggaeton, ‘70s rock – he drops daily dances to all of it.
thelovelandfoundation instagram
Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls.
tikkatheiggy instagram
Fashion model pup, gay icon (she/her/kween).
alyseruriani instagram
“Maker of mental health things.” Art therapist and counselor with lived experience. Body positive, LGBTQ (she/her) and proud.
felggra_photography instagram
Need a quick transport to a serene, evocative other world? Let world-traveling Southeast Asian landscape photographer take to you there.
brown girl therapy instagram
First and largest mental health community for children of immigrants. Promotes therapy and bicultural identity.
dudethatcookz instagram
Houston-based Eric Jones, Home Cook & Recipe Developer. Who doesn’t love beautifully styled food plus new recipes to try?

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